Rush Limbaugh

I used to think that Limbaugh’s shtick was just that: harmless mugging for the microphone, and the only scary thing was that there were some on the other end of the radio that actually took his shtick at face value. But no longer. His shameless attack on Michael J. Fox is unconscionable. (When you learn, as Olbermann points out, that Fox did a similar ad for a Republican candidate in 2004, Limbaugh’s “The Democrats are exploiting Michael J. Fox’s disease” argument sure loses its luster.)

That Limbaugh isn’t being universally castigated by the media is quite sad.

I can’t wait until this election cycle is over. This is really nauseating.

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  1. His original statement was truly appalling, but what is worse was his “apology”. It's things like this that show the true color of his character: he's a mean spirited, bitter partisan hack.

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