Nine years

On this day in 1997, I married Robin. It was an incredible day — unseasonably warm in Alexandria, VA (where she grew up), and we were fortunate to have so many friends and family around to help us celebrate. The reception had its share of mishaps: the wedding cake fell over (bumped by an over-zealous dancer), the seating chart was screwed up (nothing like having both sets of parents confined to the corner of the ballroom), and the hotel manager tried (unsuccessfully) to prevent my brother from using champagne blessed by the Pope because Virginia law prohibits the serving of any alcohol not sold on premises. In spite of those hiccups (or perhaps because of them), it was a perfect evening.

The last nine years have been an amazing journey. We’ve had lots of highs, a few lows, and through it all, Robin’s been a wonderful partner. Robin, I love you. Thanks for making the last nine years so right.

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  1. Congrats Rick! Sounds like the typical yet crazy hiccups that make a wedding so much more memorable! Well, I guess champagne blessed by the Pope us pretty rare…

  2. Yeah, the champagne was a funny story. My uncle is in the wine business, and at the time was the importer for Opere Trevigiane champagne, an Italian vineyard whose champagne is the only champagne allowed at the Vatican. On a trip through Italy, my uncle (who, ironically enough, is a Lutheran; I was raised Catholic) was at the Vatican and had a few bottles blessed by the Pope in a small audience with some other execs from the vineyard.He brought those bottles back so we could use them at our wedding… very, very cool. (And my brother, my Best Man, knocking back the hotel-provided champagne from his and our glasses so he could fill them up with the good stuff was hilarious).

  3. Hmm, but trying to figure out why Kev was drinking (chugging)our champagne kept us from noticing that the top of wedding cake was missing for another 15 minutes. In the funny stories please tell me you haven't forgotten the stage shaking rendition of “Respect” 🙂 Or walking down the asile to the sounds of a wailing toddler!

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