Animal Planet Hero of the Year

This is my week for reconnecting with far more accomplished friends than I… just this weekend it was my high school classmates who’ve gone on to show business careers in Vegas, LA, and NYC. Today, I got an e-mail from a college friend, whose sister is up for an Animal Planet Hero of the Year award. There are ten nominees in total, and Alison Gianotto’s a pretty worthy nominee.

She’s the creator of, the only directory of pet abuse cases around the world. She was spurred to action after her own cat was stolen, tortured and set afire. Taking advantage of the incredible support friends and acquaintances on the Internet showed her, she returned the assistance by creating what appears to be a tremendous resource.

So… vote early and often (you’re allowed to vote once/day) for Alison if you think she’s deserving of the award. I’m proud to say I knew her more than 15 years ago, when her sister and I were at Lafayette College together. Thanks.

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  1. You know I'm a real softie when it comes to those who can't speak for themselves (like children, the elderly, animals), so thanks for pointing out this great award … and the great work Alison is doing. And yes, this means I voted 🙂

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