Stepping down

I recently stepped down as Chair of the Naperville Democrats. This was a really tough decision to make, as I remain convinced that the local party needs to be a visible part of the local scene. But it’s that commitment that made me realize I’m no longer the right guy for the job: as we continue to grow at a rather ridiculous pace at work, I’m not able to be visible locally — whether it means attending a local event, meeting with community leaders, or just following local events closely enough to weigh in when appropriate, I just don’t have enough time to be effective. It’s not fair to the group to have me holding things up.

As a result, effective immediately, I’m no longer the chair of the Naperville Democrats. I’m proud of what we’ve done over the past couple years, and I have high hopes for the next few. The exec group is a talented team that will produce great things under Tom Wronski’s leadership (Tom graciously offered to serve the remainder of my term).