Bill Tancer was right

Bill Tancer’s blog first hit my radar when Lee Rainie at Pew Internet & American Life told me about it… since then, I’ve found it to be a treasure-trove of insight into search traffic. Last month, I wrote about Bill’s observations about home sales, and the fact that he believed, based on search activity in August, that home sales would pick up in August, reversing a summer-long trend.

Guess what? He was right. That’s huge.

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  1. Homes for Sale Search Data Leads to Accurate Housing Prediction by HitWise's Bill Tancer…Thank you to Rick Klau for writing a follow-up post about Bill Tancer's analyis of “homes for sale” searches and their correlation with actual home sales. A month ago, Tancer publised a post on his Hitwise blog describing a correlation……

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