Use FeedBurner for your mobile-friendly site

Ed Vielmetti asked how FeedBurner can help you create a mobile-friendly site. Little did he know, this is one of the easiest things we can do for you. In fact, I’ve had it on my site for a while now, and forgot to document it. Thanks for the reminder, Ed!

Our BuzzBoost feature lets you create a chunk of javascript code that will render your feed’s content on a webpage. Just log into FeedBurner, go to “publicize”, then select “BuzzBoost” and configure away. Once you’re done, activate the service, and we’ll give you the resulting BuzzBoost code.

With that, now create a simple HTML page, and include the BuzzBoost javascript in the section. Save the file, and you have yourself a mobile-friendly page!

For the hard-core geeks among you, you might want to try this post on for size, where you can either use .htaccess or PHP to sniff the browser’s user agent: if the visiting browser is using a mobile app to view your page, you can auto-redirect them to a mobile-friendly version of the page. (That’s what I’m doing right now — when you try going to using a BlackBerry, a Treo, or other mobile device, you’ll be routed to this page.)


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