Speaking at SES today

I’m at SES in San Jose today, speaking on Blog and Feed SEO. This is a similar presentation I gave back in February with the same speakers… what was most interesting for me as I put the presentation together was noting how much had changed in just a few months. We’re introducing some new features specifically geared to the SEO world (I’ll write more after I give my presentation, don’t want to scoop myself!), there are new services built around feeds (TechMeme was just on the radar last time, Sphere is new, IE 7 is coming soon which will change how individuals access feeds, Edgeio hadn’t yet launched), and a few services that are now offline or not working.

I’ll report back after the presentation to see what questions people asked; it’s always interesting to see how the audience impacts the direction of the panel discussion. Given that we’re in the heart of the Valley, I anticipate this discussion will take a much more technical path.

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