Snakes. On a plane. 9 hours to go.

SOAP_logo.jpgHard to believe, but the day we’ve all been waiting for is upon us. It was exactly one year ago today that screenwriter Josh Friedman graced us with what will no doubt go down in history as the day that changed cinema. On that day, the brilliance of a movie title so simple, so powerful, was shared with us in the blogosphere. And bloggers, never ones to miss an opportunity to turn a dumb idea into, well, a dumber one, jumped on board.

It became an Internet sensation. A law student started a blog to try and get himself invited to the premiere (it worked, he’ll be in Hollywood tonight). Fan demands of a line of dialogue: “Get these motherf—-ing snakes off this motherf—-ing plane” — which would not only require a re-shoot but changing the rating from PG-13 to R — were heeded. Tireless promotion by Samuel L. Jackson, who mentioned the film and its allure (“You either want to see a movie with a title like that, or you don’t.”) countless times — on NPR, on Conan, honestly, to anyone with a microphone — resulted in adulation the likes of which he likely hasn’t seen since Pulp Fiction. Hell, you can even send friends a voicemail — personalized! — from Samuel L. Jackson himself.

And here we are, about to witness a watershed event in entertainment. You’re going tonight, right? 10pm is when it opens around the country. You’re going, right? RIGHT?

If you really want to get goofy, spend most of your day watching the Hollywood Stock Exchange’s ticker for Snakes on a Plane (I would have preferred the ticker “SNAKE”, but that’s a minor complaint). Or just spend the day counting down the hours until the lights go dark, and we’re blessed with one hour and forty-five minutes of terrible, brilliant film-making.

Snakes on a Plane. I’m pretty excited.

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