Rick James? Nobody.

Pure, unaldulterated ego:

Rick on Google

That’s me: the #3 Rick on Google, more popular than Rick Springfield and Rick Santorum (I’m not really sure that’s worth bragging about, but whatever). Rick Dees and Rick Steves still have me beat, but Rick James is all the way down at #10.

(I’ll enjoy it while it lasts; I was once in the top 10 for Rick, only to drop down to #30 or something, so I have no expectation that this will last. But it’s still kind of fun.)

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  1. I've been the #1 Rachelle for years…. it pays to have a unique name. Now, the weird thing is that if you do an image search for “haircut” my photo used to be #1. I see now that it dropped to #7. Oh well, I still have 2 of the top images when you search for “hotpants” (wink wink) heh.

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