New WordPress plugin – Landing Sites

I’m in love. I just found a WordPress plugin that replicates some nice functionality I had in my old Movable Type install. The Movable Type version was called MT Refsearch, and the idea behind it is pretty cool: if you come to a page on my site because you searched for a post, Refsearch would search my database to see if I had other posts on that topic and show you links to those posts. Since Google often decides it likes one post far more than others (due to inbound links, the phases of the moon, etc.), it’s likely that there’s a lot of content here that might be of interest to you if only you knew to look for it. (Bite your tongue, it could happen.)

So I installed MT-Refsearch, and people even raved about how cool it was. Except one day it broke, the author no longer supported it, and I didn’t have the slightest clue how to fix it. Then I converted to WordPress, and didn’t even try looking for a replacement: at the time, I just wanted to make sure the content came over in one piece.

In setting up a blog for a friend today, I was persuing the WordPress Plugin database, and stumbled upon Landing Sites, which does effectively the same thing as Refsearch did for Movable Type.

Want to test it out? Blogbeat tells me lots of people are coming here today looking for — what else? — all things Snakes on a Plane:
Blogbeat searches

So now, go to Google and search for Snakes on a Plane review. For now, at least, I’m #8… but as loyal readers know, I’ve written a few other things about SoaP. And if someone’s hitting my site looking for a SoaP review, well, maybe they’d, you know, want to read even more about SoaP. (SoaP fans are obsessive? Who knew?)

So now, if you do that Google search and come over to my site, here’s what you’ll see:

SoaP related posts

I love it. If you’re running a WordPress site, it’s a brilliant plugin that should help your search visitors find what they want and increase page views within your site. What’s not to like?