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The family’s hitting the road on Friday to head east, one week at my parents place on the Jersey Shore, then Robin and the kids head to her folks while I have a fair amount of business travel queued up. Just for the heck of it, I want to see if you’ve got anything for me worth listening to. Do you have a podcast I should listen to? Pick an episode. A song I should know about? Find it and tag it. You get the idea.

How’s it work? Pretty simple. Find an mp3 file, then tag it at with the tag “ricksipod”. creates a feed, which I then run through FeedBurner to create a podcast feed.

Have questions about this? Leave a comment, I’ll follow up.

Update: If you want to subscribe, here’s the feed. Thanks for playing!

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  1. […] The other day I decided to have you fill my iPod, and it’s been addictive to watch the songs come in. Some of you have tagged songs, some have tagged podcasts… and almost two dozen of you have subscribed to the feed, which I find hilarious. (It’s my vacation!) […]

  2. […] – Posting is gonna be light for the next week or so. We’re going to the land of cheese, brats and beer (three of my favorites). Coincidentally, Rick Klau came up with a cool experiment for a trip the his family is going on next week. He basically created a podcast, but not in the traditional “person talking into a microphone” sense. He asked that anyone that uses “tag” mp3s that he should listen to on the trip with the tag, ricksipod. He then ran the feed that generates through Feedburner to create a “podcast”. You subscribe to the feed and anything tagged with ricksipod is automagically pulled down to your computer/iPod. Very clever and I’ve taken advantage of it. This will be the soundtrack to our trip as well. Thanks, Rick. 🙂 (and by the way, “Soba”, which I mentioned above was one of the songs that is currently in the feed ~ although it wasn’t me who tagged it…) […]

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