Cowboy Junkies at Morton Arboretum

Meant to mention this over the weekend — we had a wonderful night at the Morton Arboretum watching the Cowboy Junkies perform (their only performance all summer, as they’re currently in the studio recording a new album). The Junkies are particularly meaningful for Robin and me, as we played “The Anniversary Song” as our last dance at our wedding… we were thrilled when Margo Timmons introduced it as “our only happy song” and went right into a soulful rendition that was a highlight for both of us.

The two new songs they played – “Cutting Board Blues” and “Spiral Down” were phenomenal. CBB in particular was a bit edgier than I remember past albums being, and Spiral Down was quite lyrical.

The setting was perfect: at the Morton Arboretum, which doesn’t do many concerts but should. Even more relaxed than Ravinia, it was a fantastic night. Even ran into Steve, which was fun. Evan has some great pictures, including this one of me with none other than Margo (lead singer).

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