TypePad now integrated with FeedBurner

The very first week I joined FeedBurner, I talked with several friends who resisted using FeedBurner because they already had subscribers to their TypePad feed, and didn’t want subscribers scattered in multiple places. Tonight, that’s a thing of the past. Over at the Six Apart blog, Michael Sippey shares the details about the integration; both Mike Arrington at TechCrunch and Steve Rubel broke the story before we had a chance to spill the beans.

For publishers who want a complete view of their subscriber base, now they can route all feed requests to the same spot. Publishers who want to enhance their feed (with FeedFlare, del.icio.us links, flickr photos, etc.) can now do it and ensure that all subscribers will get the benefit of those enhancements. TypePad wins because it becomes the first platform to natively integrate with a service already used by more than 200,000 publishers… enhancing its value and showing its commitment to its users by giving them what they want instead of locking them in. (In case you were wondering, we don’t lock publishers in either.)