Senator Edwards at Gnomedex

Interesting. In response to a question about framing issues, John Edwards just made an important point: “there are people who spend their lives figuring out what language to use framing issues. That’s not me. My job is to figure out where the country needs to go, which problems we need to solve. … Language will not control the presidential elections. People watch 2 candidates, then they decide – is that a guy I want to be my president. Do I trust them, do I believe they have integrity, do I think they’re strong enough to lead?”

Mitch Ratcliffe just suggested that, if (not a big if) Sen. Edwards is a candidate for president in 2008, then he should let a blogger ride along on the campaign bus (not the press bus) and document the campaign. Sen. Edwards seemed to agree it was a good idea…

Update: John Federico has a bunch more quotes from the session.

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