Recently, I was asked to present at an annual meeting of an international association of law firms. They want me to talk about weblogs, podcasting and the like. (I have a hunch I’ll find something to say on the subject.)

The meeting is in mid-September in Prague, and I’ve never been. When I lived in Dijon, I had a Eurail pass and made it throughout Europe… Prague was always on my list, but it was just long enough by train that I always found an excuse to go somewhere closer.

I’m very excited to be going, and even more excited that Robin’s going to make the trip with me. I’m sure some of you have been to Prague before — any suggestions? We’ve only got three or four days (I think that’s the upper limit of how long Robin will allow us to be separated from our won’t-be-quite-a-year-old baby), and I’d like to avoid the cross-it-off-the-list sight-seeing mentality. I’m looking for memorable places, must-see buildings, etc.

Looking forward to hearing what you have to say…

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  1. If you stay at the Marriott in Prague, there is a Restaurant a block away called the Cafe Imperial. Its a 2 story atrium venue with mosaic everywhere, built before the first waorld war. Check out the churches when you have time, lots of gold in the ceiling. Also, the clock in the town center is 400 (+/- 100 years) beautiful piece of art. Tell Robin to not wearr heels, the streets are mostly cobblestone. Any questions, e-mail me at

  2. If you want to experience some of Prague's religious history, check out Bethlehem Chapel (where Jan Hus, a pre-Luther reformer, preached) and the Old Jewish Cemetery.

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