On CNBC tomorrow

I mentioned that I was on my way to L.A., and didn’t actually get around to saying why… if all goes well, I’ll be appearing on tomorrow night’s CNBC “On the Money” show to talk about a cool new customer win. I’ve brought my best paisley shirt and can’t wait to stare into the camera and forget my name.

Actually, this won’t be my first time on camera, but it will be fun to be in front of such a large audience. I doubt I’ll be but a minor piece of the overall story (the customer’s the more interesting angle, IMO) but it’ll be fun to be involved at any level.

Will post more tomorrow. In the meantime, set those TiVos! (7pm EST, no idea where in the broadcast I’ll be.)

Update: Taping went well, I don’t think I made a fool of myself though I think there’s room for improvement. 🙂 In addition to airing tonight, apparently an extended segment will air throughout the day tomorrow. I’ll be in the air when it airs tonight, so I won’t know how it goes until after I land…

Late update: … or not. Watched the clip tonight, and I made it in, or more precisely, my NewsGator login made it in. Rumor has it my face will actually be in tomorrow’s segment. But on the bright side, I didn’t embarass myself or the company…

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  1. no no, not CNBC, C “in” BC….this is for a canadians in british columbia piece. You know a ton about vancouver, right?

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