Metra update

I’m glad I was planning on working from home today. Yesterday’s snafu involving a white acidic powder that dropped on more than 26 miles of track proved quite difficult to clean up, and due to union protections against crews working too many hours in a row, this morning’s routes were all affected (some by a half hour or more).

Getting home was a bear, but in a gesture of bi-partisanship the likes of which historians will write about for generations, One Man was kind enough to give me a lift back to Naperville. I was on the 5pm train, we got off at Hinsdale at 6:20, had to wait until well after 7 before Henry could get there, and it was about 8:30 before I got back home. So much for skipping out of town a few minutes earlier to help out at home.

As Justin noted in yesterday’s comments: not only should you not ride a train with me, you should avoid meeting me at the train station.

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