Funniest. Podcast. Ever.

I dare you to listen to Kris and Betsy recount their vacation from hell and not laugh until you cry (part one, part two; part three is coming Friday). My sides hurt, in a “I feel your pain but it’s still funny as shit” kind of way. Jesus, there has to be a film that gets made of this trek… Vacation has nothing — I mean nothing — on their trip. That they’re still talking to each other, that they managed to survive this debacle of monumental proportions, is nothing short of amazing.

I wish Kris drank beer so I could have a few with him when he’s over Friday night…

Update: OneMan agrees that this should be a movie. (And OneMan, I know what happens next…)

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  1. Unbelievable… I finally got around to listening to parts 1-4 of this riveting, true-life tale of a vacation gone awry. Funny as hell, but also sad… But very entertaining!

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