Feeding Geffen

I’m really excited to announce our latest customer over at FeedBurner, Geffen Records. I wrote about it over on the company blog, and apparently this new strategy has already lead to at least one album sale. Sometimes it really is that easy!

Here’s why I think what Geffen’s doing is important: instead of trying to ignore new developments like My Space, Tagworld, Pandora, or, for that matter, iTunes, Geffen’s embracing them. Using FeedFlare, they’ll be providing links to the communities that are developing (or have developed) around their artists, ensuring that Geffen’s part of those communities. By encouraging their growth, Geffen’s showing that they appreciate that these communities are an important part of their artists’ success – and that can only lead to a more meaningful relationship with the artist, and with the fans. In a market where there’s always competition for talent, I think that commitment will make a difference.

I can also thank Geffen for contributing some great new music to my collection, which stopped growing right around the time I got to law school. (Funny, that’s when I stopped being a radio DJ. Coincidence?) Currently in heavy rotation on my iPod: She Wants Revenge, The Like, Rooney, and Matt White.

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  1. > . . . this new strategy has already led to at least one album sale.And enjoying it immensely, Rick. Have it on now. Nice bucket Geffen, nice assist Feedburner.

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