Verizon broadband update

Was stuck in traffic yesterday en route to Baltimore for a family event (no, I was not driving!) and was able to stay online for 2 full hours. No interruptions in service… while the speed wasn’t super zippy, it was absolutely perfect for email, IM and casual browsing. What would’ve been a huge hole in my day was instead two hours of productive work.

I’m right now on a train from DC to New York (where the “high speed” train, the Acela, is a whole nine minutes faster than the Metroliner over the same distance) that’s not moving (see below), but I’ve again had nearly two hours of uninterrupted access. It’s amazing what a difference it makes… email on the Treo is good for quick messages, but longer replies (or messages with attachments that take some focus) are nearly impossible on the phone. On the laptop, it’s like I’m in the office. Impressive.

Now about that train… Acela has power outlets at every seat, which is great. Except we lost power (apparently the entire rail corridor between NYC and DC is without power), so I’m now running off of the battery. That’ll last another hour or two, but the lack of AC is starting to make the train stuffy. Nothing like a high speed train that doesn’t move.