Props to Lenovo

Less than two hours after my post on Tuesday about my laptop dying, I had a phone call from David Churbuck, who’s the global head of web marketing for Lenovo. I’m always amazed when I hear that people read my blog — I suppose I shouldn’t be, given the business I’m in — and when he was so quick to respond with genuine concern about the failed drive, I was really impressed.

Thanks to Joe in my office taking care of me, I’d already received a replacement hard drive and much of the last two days was sacrificed to get the machine back up and running. But David graciously offered to help figure out what happened, gave me contact info should I have any future issues, and was really proactive in helping solve my problem. In contrast with other certain computer manufacturers, it speaks volumes about the kind of commitment David’s helping to bring to Lenovo. Makes me happy to own a ThinkPad, and excited to think that there’s a group over there paying attention to us customers.

Thanks, David!