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Since most bloggers often use their blogs to complain when things don’t work, I thought it only fair to do the opposite. I’ve been a long-time user of FreeConference, a free phone conference service that lets you schedule group phone calls. Until today, I’d never had an issue using the service. It just worked.

This morning I went to log in, and it was doing some funky character conversion when I entered my password, which resulted in failed logins. At FeedBurner we do support for our free service by email, and people regularly praise us for our quick responses. But I think we’re the exception to the rule – many free services respond to support requests by saying (some more politely than others), “You get what you pay for.”

Which is why I was shocked to see a reply less than five minutes after submitting my error; and not just a reply, but a helpful reply. And two more emails followed, which isolated the issue and concluded with Mark resetting the password on the account in question so that I could get in again. Nice.

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