Family doctor visit

We took the boys to the pediatrician last night for their annual check-ups. Each needed a blood test to check iron levels, and Robby needed a couple shots (he just turned 4). Robin mentioned in passing to the pediatrician when he came in that she’d be back tomorrow morning with Becca for Becca’s six month check-up, because the receptionist wouldn’t let her book all three kids at once.

“That’s because it’s easy for the nurses to get confused,” he explained. “But tonight’s a slow night, let’s save you the hassle and take care of her now.”

Thrilled to save the time, we agreed.

Guess what happened? The nurse got confused, and gave Becca’s shots to Robby. Thank God it’s only an annoyance and not something that could cause a problem for Robby, but now we have to go back in a couple weeks so Robby can get the shots he needs… and because the nurse panicked and had to wait until the pediatrician was free to confirm that no damage had been done, the whole visit took over two and a half hours. Unreal.

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  1. Instead of having its 2 vs. 3 protocol, this office should consider hiring staff that can handle families with more than two children. Sorry to hear you went through this and very glad that no one was harmed.

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