Amtrak’s completely shut down

We haven’t moved in 90 minutes, the last conductor update was that they were trying to get a diesel to pull us into Wilmington. No word on what will happen after that. Meanwhile, Chris Casey reports in my comments that we’re a top developing story on CNN, and we’re a front page story at and

Update: Conductor reports that power is restored from Perryville on down (wherever that is)… of course it’s not at all clear whether that means we’re continuing on our trip or not…

Later update: Power just came back on, temperature just dropped by 10 degrees (thankfully) and my laptop battery’s recharging… Not moving yet, but lights and AC are progress. 🙂

Even later update: Greetings to readers; we just started rolling, though the conductor isn’t clear whether we’re stopping in Wilmington or Philadelphia yet. (Shouldn’t he know that?!)

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