Amtrak update

OK, I have to give the Acela conductor credit. He’s hopping on the intercom periodically to give us updates. Five minutes ago: “We haven’t heard anything new, we keep calling but we have no further info on the ETA on a fix for this situation. In the meantime, if anyone can sing, please come to the cafe car.”

Just now (without intro, he just started talking): “In case you’re wondering, this is the first time ever that this is happening.” (You could hear laughter from the cafe car where he was making this statement.)

Non-rhetorical question: will I even get to NYC today?

2 responses to “Amtrak update”

  1. Good luck. Amtrak's power problems are being hilighted as a LIVE Developing Story right now on CNN. The have a NJ Transit Spokesman who is basically saying that they don't yet know the cause and don't know how long it will be. The video is of passengers being led off of trains, so gather your stuff!

  2. […] We haven’t moved in 90 minutes, the last conductor update was that they were trying to get a diesel to pull us into Wilmington. No word on what will happen after that. Meanwhile, Chris Casey reports in my comments that we’re a top developing story on CNN, and we’re a front page story at and […]

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