Survey, take 2

The site survey link is now live, so any of you who regularly read this site, feel free to take a couple minutes and anonymously tell me all about yourself by clicking that link below. 😉

John Zeratsky shared some details about how I did this. I’m pretty excited by this, as it’s a terrific example of how FeedFlare can be used to add value to a publisher’s feed and site without any programming at all (by the publisher, anyway… I had to do a little). Two checkboxes add a link to the survey for your feed and on the site; thanks to Survey Monkey’s ability to capture custom parameters, the survey data that’s captured is tied to the individual site that generated the response (and the data is further broken down between site and feed). We’ve already collected some interesting data, and as the numbers scale (you’ll start seeing this on more sites in short order) it ought to be very revealing. Who knew? Real data instead of anecdotes!

John’s right, by the way: if I can create a good example of what kind of stuff FeedFlare can do, then just about anyone can. There’s more in the documentation about how FeedFlare can be customized – take a stab at building one of your own!

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