Site overhaul

It’s been forever since I’ve done an overhaul of this site, and it’s starting to show its age. Things that need to get fixed/updated:

  • Blogroll. I don’t want a laundry list of every site I’ve ever read, but there’s a core group of blogs and sites I read with regularity that I want to point readers to.
  • I’ve gotten out of the habit of using and need to get back in; I see lots of stuff throughout the week that I don’t blog about but I want to share — that’ll return.

  • Other social services. I started using recently to track my music, Netflix to manage my DVD rentals, and Flickr for my pictures. All of these services use RSS to share/expose certain info, and I’d like to integrate that more fully into my site.

What would you like to see? What am I missing? What about the current site don’t you like?

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