Rahm Emanuel on Bill Maher

Not his best performance by far. I think the transcript will read well, but his delivery was off – wasn’t clear whether he had a bad satellite connection, or what. Style aside, the substance was good – he was there primarily to promote his new book, The Plan. It will be interesting to see if “the plan” becomes the Democratic equivalent of the contract with America – that’s clearly what they’re intending.

As Maher noted though, the analogy he used to explain the cozy relationship between Bush and Congress (“As my wife says, if we agree 92% of the time, one of us isn’t necessary”) really doesn’t sound too good or make much sense.

Anyone else find it interesting that Maher was able to get Emanuel to declare he’s supporting Hillary in ’08? I haven’t been following the back room maneuvers there (and, given his work for President Clinton, his loyalty isn’t all that surprising), but the fact that he tried to demure (twice) and eventually admitted to supporting Hillary was interesting.

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