Podcasting is big

Figured out last night that today is officially my one year anniversary at FeedBurner. Hard to believe it’s just been a year — we’ve grown from a handful of employees (I was # 6 or 7) to 25 (with a little room left — see our jobs page for more!). We managed around 20,000 feeds when I joined, we now manage well over 250,000 feeds, and are adding over 1,000 feeds per day.

In addition to working with larger, commercial publishers who want to manage their feeds with FeedBurner, I’ve also spent a fair amount of time working with our growing community of podcasters. Here are a few of the podcast interviews I’ve done over the past year: Hobson & Holtz, Yeast Radio, Podcast Tools, Podcast 411, The Chris Pirillo Show.

In May, 2005, we managed about 6,000 podcast feeds — today that number is well over 45,000 feeds. What’s particularly intriguing about that number is that there are just 44,000 radio stations worldwide (AM, FM and shortwave). It’s a cool milestone, as the media landscape continues to shift… while radio audiences have been declining for years, podcast audiences are growing almost 20% per month. Lots more stats are in the post over at our corporate blog, Burning Questions.

We’re having a ton of fun right now — and we’ve got some other compelling ideas up our sleeve. As I start my second year at FeedBurner, I’m even more excited by the opportunity, and can’t wait to see where we’re at 12 months from now.

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