Phillips TV repair and the magic of the Internet

Will’s post about a bad TV from December, 2004, now has 169 comments. All of them from disgruntled Phillips TV owners. Lately the comments are coming in 1-2 per day.

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  1. I have a one year old Phillips 30PF9975 TV which simple switched itself off. My horror was that the recommended rapair shop wanted £400.00 just to assess the problem. I confirm £400.00! Parts and labour would be extra! The shop is in RIPON, North Yorkshire, Tel 0870-240-6494 if you want to avoid it. My new, non phillips tele arrives tomorrow.

  2. I have a 29 inch Phillip Television, it was color and now I turn it on and its black and white but still works good. Did the color tube blow and do how much would it be to get it repaired? Thanks!

  3. i have a phillips 27RF50 S325 the red power light comes on but the T.V. does nothing. The screen doesn't do anything the, no sound just the power light.

  4. Same here on my big screen.Does anyone have the solution and if so,can it be fixed myself.Since I just don't trust repair men.

  5. I have a Phillips 29'” TV that played fine till I moved in September. Now it will not power up. The red light comes on and it clicks then nothing. I am a single female senior citizen of 70. I cannot take it to a repairman, nor can I afford to have one come to my house. It would almost be cheaper to buy another one that I cannot afford. Could it be a tube? If so I could probably fix it myself. Please give me some advice.Thanks, Edna Beard

  6. I have a two year old phillips. you have to push to on button 8 to 10 times for it to stay on. Can it be fixed by me?

  7. I have a 27″ Phillips tv that is 3 yrs. old and for about a month i had to push my power several times to get the tv to stay on. Once the tv did stay on, the right side of the screen would have a black bar for about 5 minutes. Then one day I turned it off, when I tried to turn it back on it just made a “clicking” sound and now when you leave it plugged in it make a high pitched squeaking sound. Kinda mad can anyone help me out?

  8. i have a rear projection tv #50P8342 Phillip Turns itself on And off . the buttons on the front panel does weird things power controls sourse,volume Down controls Chanels And so on. A tv repairman told me where the broken part is in the set found it. It looks like a computer pci card I need info on the name of it or a part numbermy set has the goldish brown board and the card is on the left side behind the ant. hook ups and the RCA plugs does anyone know the name

  9. i have a Phillips 27 in TV about 3 years old – had the same power issues – usually blown fuse – which i replaced fro Radi shack – No problem with these pieces of ****. Now Mine is only playing in Black and White but all the menus are still in color????? Anyne know how to fix?? i shtis just a setting issue?

  10. I have the EXACT problems that Jordan had… I ended up buying a HDTV but wanted to put this Phillips 27 inch in my bedroom. The last time I turned it on, I had to do it about a hundred times before the black bar was gone and the picture stopped wobbling… Should I try and fix tihis or just spend a couple hundo on a new flat screen?

  11. I have had our TV for about 2 years, it was a demo from rent-a-center. Anyway, about 2 months ago, it started clicking on and I had to turn it on about 15 times, before the black bar would dissapear and the TV would stay on. Now, it doesnt come on at all, but there is a piercing sound coming from the back of it, while plugged up. Can it be repaired, without the cost of an expensive repairman? Does it need a picture tube? Can I repair it myself? Please help!!!!!!!Stone Wolf

  12. I have a 32 in television 32ps55s. The tv is set on mono and is stuck.I have tried to change it on the menu screen but it will not let me.Any solutions???

  13. we just got a 56 inch and the color is messed up and the picture curves it looks as if the green and blue are stright and the red is off it kinda looks like when u go and watch a 3D movie with out the glasses can any one help thank you

  14. Three years ago I bought a 27″ Phillips tv and a few months ago a problem developed. Took forever to turn it on. Today,it can not be turned on…finally…which I had been expecting to happen…..garbage!! Reading some of the comments, I don't think it is even worth fixing it.No more Phillips for me..unless it is milk of magnesia.

  15. Just got a Philips 27″ TV from someone who upgraded to a larger one…put power on and says “FRONT” on the upper left of screen. I can't seem to figure out how to sinc the remote with the TV after it was unplugged for a while…..thanks….

  16. i have a 52 inch and i have the same trouble as nadine. the color is curved and looks 3-D i would like toknow how to fix this problem thank you

  17. Yep, ours just did the same thing…the green light came on then poof out and the tv is not turning on! Philips 27″ about 2 years old.

  18. The same thing happened to me – It just won't turn on! I have a zenith that is fifteen yrs old and it still comes on – What's Phillips saying about this problen – mine is in the corner thinking about trashing it

  19. I have 29pt9111/58 Phillips tv. on switching, green light come and screen remains black,within fraction of second the stanby light comes on. Go on doing this greens comes and again red standby.Help.

  20. My brand new TV from Wal Mart stays on for three minutes then goes off.Whats the problem?It's a Philips flat screen?Please respondElsie Crabb1400 23rd avenue ctGreeley Colorado 80634970 352 6639

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