JotSpot Family site errors

This is annoying. After posting on Sunday about the JotSpot family site, I signed up to give it a test drive. I started playing with the family tree a bit, adding in a few generations and linking people up. The UI was pretty straightforward, adding people was easy, and all was good.

Then this:



Additional information: javascript evaluation exceeded threshhold

Error code: 87cbb67420e67c4357639246cdf2c15de913af7f

No idea what caused it, no idea how to fix it. I e-mailed their support alias on Sunday, no response yet. Update: Scott from Jot responded, a fix is coming soon that’ll resolve the family tree mapping. Thanks, Soctt!

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  1. Hi Rick,Thanks for taking the time to report your error on Sunday and I'm sorry we didn't get a chance to update you on progress. We spent Sunday and Monday working through issues that were found by beta users of Family Site since it was released. The Family Tree code goes through some tricky map analysis to figure out how to place generations and there were a few infinite loops we missed. We are just testing our new version and should be able to upgrade current customers in the next couple days.I enjoy your blog — thanks for taking the time to write it.Scott JohnstonJotspot

  2. Scott -Thanks for the quick comment! I look forward to seeing the updates – this is a neat idea that I'd love to see work for my family. Good luck!

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