Cubs tickets

I’m pretty impressed with the ticket ordering system at I wanted to get my brother tickets to a Cubs game so he could bring his girls and I could bring my boys; on the first day that tickets were available, I was put into a virtual waiting room that just queued everyone up. Once they let me through, I had a few minutes to find a game that had tickets available — not an easy task when you’re looking for 6 tickets together — and then complete the transaction.

I was intrigued by the option presented during the checkout process that would let me print tickets at home as opposed to having the actual tickets mailed to me. Sure enough, a few weeks later, I was able to log in and print copies of the tickets (which inlcude unique barcodes, which are scanned on entry at Wrigley Field). Best of all? If we misplace the tickets, we can simply reprint them before gametime.

I can’t wait — three weeks from now, my brother and his daughters (ages 3 and 5) will be going to a game with me and my boys (ages 4 and 6). It will be my boys’ first trip to a major league game; my nieces are pros by now, having been to Red Sox games in Boston, Philadelphia and Baltimore. (Yeah, my brother takes his Red Sox pretty seriously.) Like Josh, I’ve lost any real affiliation with a team over the last 10-15 years, and now that we’ve dropped anchor in Illinois, I feel like it’s time to become a fan again. I’ve been to several games at Wrigley and love the atmosphere, and given that I spent the better part of a decade learning how to root for the Red Sox (including the heart-breaking 1986 World Series loss), rooting for the Cubs just feels right.

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