Terrible web strategy, part 1

Our real estate and auto insurance agent recently retired, and sold his practice to an agent whose office is quite a few miles away from us. While we don’t have to interact with our agent too often, it’s nevertheless nice to have someone in the community to deal with when the need arises.

Robin visited the Allstate website today (we’ve been Allstate customers for nearly ten years), and after punching in our zipcode, got a list of agents in Naperville. Check out these three agents’ websites: one, two, and three. Notice anything, oh, repetitive about the sites?

The height of irony, is this tagline, on each clone’s page:


That’s a pretty bold stand.

My advice? If you’re going to create cookie-cutter websites, at least give the agents an ability to customize the message. Or maybe, just maybe, if you don’t have personal info about real people, maybe soften the whole “this is our stand” claim.

Just a thought.

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