Snakes on a Plane – Hollywood Reporter catches the fever

Hollywood Reporter shares the frenzy over Snakes on a Plane. Just 147 days left and counting.

I love that they’re including a signature line by Jackson because of fan interest: “the filmmakers do concede that the Jackson line will be in the movie for the sake of the fans.” What’s the line? Read the article.

Mark my words. The film will open huge. The only real question? Whether it will break the August record, currently held by Rush Hour 2.

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  1. Interesting. I've been tracking Google mentions of the term “snakes on a plane” and it has moved a lot. It is not a gradual thing: January 19, there were 96,900 hits. By the end of the month, this had gone up to 461,000. However, by February 5 it had fallen to 380,000, then halved by mid-month to 176,000. It's this renewed interest in the term by the mainstream media that has seen it rise to 877,000 now, at the end of March.

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