I voted!

Just got back from voting. Our primary isn’t for another week, but I wanted to test out the Diebold machines that DuPage County contracted to use last year. No, this isn’t dirty political tricks, it’s called Early Voting (not to be confused with absentee voting, or absentee-in-person voting). Confused? Yeah, most people are when they hear about it; the county’s one page FAQ is here.

I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the process. The screen was clear and large, it was easy to see who you were voting for, and before you were finished, it printed up a record of your votes (similar to a cash register receipt) which you could review before submitting your ballot. There were ample opportunities to review your selections, and at least two confirmation screens that I counted (I was a little distracted, I had the boys with me).

The first time I stopped by this morning on my way home from the dentist’s office? The machines were down. (It is Diebold, after all.) But they were up when I went by this afternoon, and it worked quite smoothly. According to the election judges there, about 800 ballots had been cast so far this way in Naperville.

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