Election night recap

I’m crashing, been up since 4am (to catch that oh-dark-hundred flight to NYC) and am finally spent. Some quick observations on a few big winners tonight:

  • Barack Obama. He backed Alexi Giannoulias over Speaker Madigan (whose candidate was Paul Mangieri). Alexi, armed with a TV ad featuring Senator Obama, won handily. That’s more than a symbolic victory. He also stayed silent on the Claypool/Stroger race, which is proving to be mighty close. (And if Claypool prevails, Obama’s silence will be a contributing factor.)
  • Naperville. The bond referendum passed with a comfortable margin; it failed last year by losing terribly in Naperville. By winning in both Will and DuPage, the school district showed that the plan for a third high school has broad support.

  • Christine Cegelis. Though there are still Cook precincts left to report, it looks likely that Christine will lose by several hundred votes. Outgunned in the money race, she proved that a motivated grassroots base could indeed deliver results: and though they came up short, they deserve to be proud of what they built. Rahm Emmaneul would be well served to take this into account. Soon.


  • Electronic voting: Tribune has the details.
  • DuPage Elections website. It crashed as soon as the polls closed, and was down for 2 hours afterwards. They finally brought a mirror site (dupageelections1.com) up to handle the traffic, which did fine. No clue why the original server wasn’t able to handle it, but frustrating to see DuPage’s results significantly behind Will County’s.

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