College pranks

My new co-worker Don Loeb (welcome aboard, Don!) just wrote about a phenomenal prank pulled off by Cal’s student section. More details are here — the short version is that they pulled star Gabe Pruitt’s IM handle out of, invented a coed named Victoria, and flirted for a week. Then, come game time, revealed the ruse by posting the IM logs on posters and chanting “her” name every time Pruitt touched the ball. Talk about rattling an opponent.

Even more impressive? Pruitt may have been rattled during the game, but appreciates how funny the prank was:

Eventually, Pruitt got to speak with the ringleader, who apologized. Pruitt, who was playing his second game after returning from an injured knee, took the prank in stride.

“Oh, I think that was like a classic,’‘ he said, smiling. “I’ve never seen anything like that, that big. I think mine is up there in the ranks.”

Hilarious. This ranks right up there with the prank that Yale students pulled on Harvard alumni a couple years ago. (Full details at the website.)

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