Cegelis addresses supporters

I’m blogging all of this from a hotel room in NYC (business travel!), but just heard from Brian Sebby, who’s at Cegelis’s party. She just addressed supporters, said that things are too close and it’ll be a long night.

With only 3 DuPage precincts left (and 40% Cook precincts left), my calculations have Tammy up by 781 votes (and Cook is trending more for Tammy). Back a couple months ago, I said it’d take a miracle for Christine to prevail.

I’d say these results qualify: Christine’s organization and infrastructure are real, and this is a phenomenal outcome. Her supporters will be understandably frustrated at the lack of institutional support — and the fact that they neutralized Tammy’s prodigious fundraising on a shoestring speaks volumes about what they could have done.

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