Candace Parker dunked in the NCAA tournament

I love it. When she won the dunk competition against the boys a couple years ago as a high school senior, it was only a matter of time that Naperville native Candace Parker would dunk in a college game.

She picked a heck of a time to do it: in the first round of the women’s NCAA tournament. The dunk gave Tennessee a one point lead, and they ended the first half up 50-26. It’s the first ever dunk in the NCAA women’s tournament.

Update: She dunked not once, but twice. has reactions to Candace’s feat. Great stuff. (Pun intended.)

5 responses to “Candace Parker dunked in the NCAA tournament”

  1. i love candace, she the beginning of a new generation of female ballers. what female thats 6'3 can handle the ball like her? i cant wait til next year, tenn going to the ship, with candace's fuel…just wait

  2. i luv seeing candace playing b ball my birthday is 1-27- i wish i could get a autograph t-shirt or poster of parker and the team good luck with your career and godblessya much love shaheed from chicago ooh one more request if i could just meet you i person one day please email me back

  3. Im one of your biggest fans and i luv 2 watch u play because it helps me as a player to develope and evolve my skills. zannie poo #14 primetime P.S. BEST OF LUCK WIT ALL!!!… CHi TOWNS FINEST!!!..

  4. I think Candace is a wonderful basketball player.She is my role-model.Candace is the female that inspired me to play basketball.When i grow up i wanna be just like Candace Parker.I really hope i can get to meet her someday or even have her e-mail me or something!!!

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