Bi-partisan business development

In a bi-partisan gesture the likes of which would make James Carville and Mary Matalin proud, I’m proud to announce that I’ve hired Jake Parrillo at FeedBurner. Rumor has it there are some well-known Republican blogs out there (!), so I’m guessing Jake will have more than enough to keep him busy in his first few weeks. 😉

In other FeedBurner news, Newsweek announced today that they’re using FeedBurner. I’m particularly excited about the fact that they’re adding FeedFlare to their feeds to make it easier for subscribers to bookmark and share Newsweek content — it’s a model I expect to see many other publishers adopt in the near future.

More publisher announcements on the way… Matt McAlister says “Feedburner [is] conduct[ing] a systematic conquest of publishers’ RSS feeds.” I don’t know about systematic (lately it feels a bit chaotic, which is why it’s nice to add to the team), but it’s certainly nice to see some big publishers recognize the value in partnering with us to make their feeds more strategic to their content strategy.