WeatherBug update

A long-overdue update to my post from a couple weeks back. I noticed a few glitches with the copy of WeatherBug that CTO Chris Sloop handed out at Gnomedex last summer, and blogged about it. Sure enough, Chris called me (one of the many reasons I put my cell phone number on the site) and we had a great chat. (It should also be noted that despite my earlier report, they had replied to my support request… it never reached me, but they did respond in a timely manner. Don’t you just hate email sometimes?!)

It turns out I’d found a bug, and Chris helped me fix it with a couple easy clicks. Chris is an interesting guy, and WeatherBug has some neat things under development. Steve Rubel commented today on a couple new developments that show off the new toys; fun stuff.

Thanks to Chris for responding so quickly, and for helping out.

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