Note to self: stop hacking with Movable Type

Well, my sincere apologies to those of you who read this site in a feed reader… a combination of Movable Type database hiccups and my own inept attempts at hacking the system resulted in a disaster in my feed. It should be back to normal now, but likely errors you would have seen include previously read items showing up as unread, click-throughs resulting in 404s, and permalinks to feed items pointing to empty files.

Just goes to show you, when you know enough to be dangerous, you can cause real damage. Let me know if things are flaky out there, I’m hoping that with this post I’ve exorcised any remaining demons.

Update: Nice. This entry got posted twice. I can say with confidence that’s not my doing — MT’s been duplicating posts on and off for months. I suppose this is when one of you says, “Switch to WordPress.” Yeah, Eric has been raving about it, maybe it’s time? I have three years of Movable Type knowledge built up, I’m really unsure about moving apps…

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