My first piece of FeedFlare

File this under, “If I can do it, you can do it”: I created my own piece of FeedFlare to add a little functionality to my feed tonight. The API documentation is fantastic, so if you have even rudimentary familiarity with programming, you should be able to cobble something together. Mine simply adds a permalink to the comments on a post, so that people reading my feed can link directly to the comment form on my site. Simple, but functional. If you’re wondering, this is what it looks like:

Comment on this post
Comment on this post.

Comment on this post

Not earth-shattering, but a nice start. Next I hope to dig in enough to figure out how to add a comment counter to FeedFlare (which will require some MT hackery that’ll take some time to figure out). I’ll also point out other cool implementations as I find them.

Coming tomorrow: a non-geek explanation of why FeedFlare is such a big deal, since I got chided privately by an old boss of mine for being completely incomprehensible. I promise, I’ll use small words. 😉

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