Four things

Kevin Tofel tagged me (thanks, Kevin!) with this “four things” thing, so here’s my entry:

Four jobs I’ve had:

  • Dishwasher at a French restaurant
  • Retail clerk at The Nature Company
  • Circuit board assembler

  • Law clerk at EFF

Four movies I can watch over and over:

  • The Matrix
  • La Femme Nikita
  • Godfather

  • Big Fish

Four TV shows I love to watch:

  • Lost
  • 24
  • The Colbert Report

  • Entourage

Four places I’ve been on vacation:

  • Cancun, Mexico
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Disneyworld

  • France (our honeymoon included Paris, Dijon, Annecy, Carcassonne, Loire Valley)

Four favorite dishes:

  • Pulled pork sandwich
  • Fondue
  • Thanksgiving Turkey (brined & seasoned)

  • Lobster

Four websites I visit daily:

Four places I’d rather be:

(Considering that I’m writing this in the midst of a nearly 4 hour delay at SFO waiting to get home, this question is rather à propos.)

  • Home
  • Skiing with my parents and my brother & family in Breckenridge (we passed this year, not knowing whether the baby would be up for the travel)
  • Out to dinner with my wife

  • Playing with my kids

Four bloggers I’m tagging:

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