OK, this is goofy (and didn’t we already do this once with Blogshares?) — courtesy of Mike Arrington at TechCrunch, I just signed up for AlexaDex, a “stock market” of websites based in part on the Alexa site rankings.

I bought 9 shares of FeedBurner, because, to borrow a phrase from the guys at Long or Short, I’m long FeedBurner.


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  1. I actually took Long or Short private via a LBO this weekend. We think we can put in some cost-saves, do a little six-sigma on the manufacturing process and then look to either an IPO exit or a couple dividend deals. Unfortunately, Dave Winer the weeney decided to have Blogshares not really replicate markets and instead replicate a bizarre and dumb trading plus Magic cards. I don't even know what it actually reflects after spending a dozen minutes navigating its overly complicated website and interface. The arfefacts and what not are unbelievably stupid.But we will figure out how to IPO even if we have to make up how to do it. And then we will announce it and get a Blog Bank to syndicate the deal.

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