Tennessee vs. Duke

Watched the Tennessee-Duke women’s basketball game on ESPN2 tonight. (Naperville native Candace Parker is a Tennessee freshman.) It’s brutal. Duke can’t miss, and Tennessee couldn’t hit the ocean from the back of a boat right now. As I write this, Duke is up 25 27 with 4 minutes to go. Unbelievable. Tennessee was ranked #1 going into the game, they could fall hard tomorrow.

Update: Duke won by 22. Turnovers killed Tennessee, and Tennessee couldn’t play consistent D. (An indication that this isn’t an isolated problem for Tennessee — coach Pat Summitt’s complaints two games ago about Tennessee’s ineffective play on defense against Georgia: “I wanted to put on a uniform for the first time in a long time to go play defense,” she said. “Y’all believe that. I just got really frustrated with our transition defense and halfcourt defense. “We’re living on the edge.”) They fell off the cliff tonight. As Rebecca Lobo asked on the broadcast: this may be Parker’s first significant setback of her career. Will be interesting to see how she rebounds.

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