iPod radio interference: Treo “remote”?

While listening to or watching my iPod lately, I’ve noticed that if my Treo gets too close to the iPod, it has the ability to change the volume. This isn’t a random occurrence, I can reproduce it frequently. It appears to be when the Treo is exchanging data — like a send/receive in e-mail — and the iPod’s volume starts jumping all over the place.

Sure enough, I’m not the first to notice this. Engadget mentioned it in November, and in the comments on the original site that observed the phenomenon, a commenter suggests that simply turning the “hold” switch on will eliminate the issue. It’s apparently due to Apple manufacturing the click-wheel this time around (prior versions of the clickwheel were made by Synaptics), and their clickwheel is far more sensitive to radio interference than the Synaptics clickwheels.

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