iPod fm tuner and remote control

Yep, I want this. Very cool.

And the other Mac announcements (particularly the photo sharing, blog updating and video updates) are enough to convince me that our next home computer will be a Mac (sooner rather than later, our home PC is on its last legs).

Best news of all? My iPod’s not obsolete. Looks like the iPod Pequeno is still a few months away. Phew!

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  1. So Rick, this one disappoints me a bit, especially since it comes from *you*. I just started a new job, and was subjected to a MAC on my first day. At first, it was “cool” (hey, MACs are cool again, right?) MAYBE–but I quickly learned how badly I missed my “right mouse click” and how Entourage is NOT Outlook, and how MACS (while cool) were not so great for those of us that are deeply Windows literate…like you. BE CAREFUL. Day 10 of the new job,…I made them get me a Win xp machine and my world has returned to normal.

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