Scoble meets with Darcy Burner for breakfast

Darcy Burner is an ex-Microsoft employee who’s running for Congress in the 8th District in Washington. She dropped Scoble a note, and after meeting for breakfast, Scoble had a few suggestions for her about how to use the technology well. Scoble’s last comment caught my eye:

Oh, she did get something right, though. She promised me she’d keep blogging if she gets elected. Why is that important? The guy she’s running against has only come back twice to have a conversation with people in the home district.

Bing, bing, bing! Darcy is not Howard Dean (who never blogged himself and stopped talking with all of us after he lost the Iowa primary).

I left a somewhat lengthy comment, not so much to defend Dean as much as it was to articulate why I think Dean’s talking to supporters (or not talking, as the case may be) is kind of beside the point. Would be curious to hear your thoughts…

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  1. I wish I was back in school with time to do research on the impact of blogs. My wife has a cousin down in Texas with a very very sick child. The familiy started a blog to keep the whole extended family up to date on his condition. Famity members we know little about and haven't met in years (sometime ever) leave notes.Blogs bring people together in ways they never would have before. I think they'll be some lasting impact but I haven't a clue what.

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