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Just found Tammy Duckworth’s website here. There’s some info on her stance on the issues, and a collection of news items as well. According to the events page, she’ll be doing her formal campaign kick-off at campaign headquarters in Lombard today at 1pm.

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  1. From Saturday's Associated Press article:”'It's awfully tough to attack someone who's served and sacrificed as much as she has,' said Larry Sabato, a political science professor at the University of Virginia.”My message to the Associated Press:Hard to attack? You mean the way Republicans didn't attack Vietnam triple amputee Max Cleland, costing him his senate seat in Georgia? You mean the way they didn't attack John Kerry's Vietnam service, including his medals for valor, costing him the presidency?Dream on, Associated Press. Democrats with their eyes open realize that nothing innoculates you from Republican hate mongering.Christine Cegelis has been through the forging process already. She has shown that she can campaign effectively. The DCCC should have supported her, and if they wanted Duckworth to run, they could have run her in another district that didn't already have a strong Democratic candidate.Carolyn

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